Molly's Story: A Full Life (VIDEO) Molly embarks on the journey toward a full life, filled with relationships, valued roles in the community, and passion. STORY SOIREE 2016 (Starfire Story) by Katie Bachmeyer

Allie: Why is it important for you to meet new people?

Molly: Because I think it’s important to build friendship.

Katie: What were you doing before all of this? Was your life busy do you think?

Molly: My life wasn’t busy at all.


Katie: Now it is?

Molly: Yes.

(fade out/in)

Brieanne: We’ve been together for so long I feel like we’re an old couple! Maybe we’re boring now.

Molly: (laughs) No we’re not!

Brieanne: We don’t have anything exciting to say!

Molly: My community would be totally different without meeting Brieanne and her friends I know.

Brieanne: I guess, you’ve just sort of become a part of my friend network and I... It just seems organic and natural if someone asks like, “Hey do you want to do a get together?”I think of all my friends to invite. We’re doing a barbeque, who should I invite? And I just go down my list of friends and you’re -- just on that list. With or without Starfire, I mean you’re always going to be my neighbor and my friend.

Molly: Yep

Brieanne: But we’ve had challenging parts. I mean there some parts that like, probably get on each other’s nerves.

Molly: Right

Brieanne: I’m always late for everything.

Molly: Which I understand now! I’m like uh-oh

Brieanne: And the only time I was early, you were surprised!

(fade in/out)

Molly: Starfire has helped me make friends. If I were still in the day program and I didn’t have like jobs or volunteering I would not know that many people. I’ve been on Bark for Life committee for four years. I love planning the event and meeting the other community members (American Cancer Society fundraising event). And I also volunteer in Leanne’s room in the preschool department.

Leanne: Being in a preschool classroom it’s kind of a fly by the seat of your pants environment. So it’s nice that she can kind of just jump in and help out wherever. And the kids are really receptive to her and enjoy having her around.

Molly: And I also work at Neyra. I love working with the team that I’m on. This is the office area where I put my stuff. Everyone knows my name, everybody’s very friendly there.

Lindsay: It has been a pleasure having Molly here. She’s always so considerate and she always remembers little tidbits about people. She’s able to help get a lot of the administrative duties out of the way. So it’s helped free up a lot of their time to make our process in finances more efficient.

Molly: And I volunteer at May We Help with my friend slash neighbor Terry who’s Executive Director.

Terry: Molly’s got a great personality - she’s just a joyous and passionate person and when I pull up in my driveway

Molly: I always make sure I say “hi” to you guys too.

Terry: Absolutely, that’s what I was going to say. It brings a smile to my face because I know she’s going to say “hi.” It’s just always great to have people like that in your life.

Molly: I think that Terry is one of my best friends because I can tell him stuff.

Terry: She just always brings that, you know always brings that joyous and passionate attitude with her whoever she goes, so it certainly has an impact on my life.

Molly: I don’t know who I would talk to about Pete Rose and Sparky Anderson.

Terry: Me too. I still haven’t showed you those pictures have I?

Molly: No...Hold on I might come over tonight because I’ve got more books to show you…

(fade out)

...Molly continues to build a full life - one relationship at a time.



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