Treasures of Cincinnati

Before I get started here, I felt the need to point out the new skyline we got last week!  The tiara on top of the Great American Tower was lit and it looks terrific. 

It’s one of the new “treasures” of Cincinnati!  (You may not realize it, but that was one heck of a segue…keep reading!)

Tomorrow night, November 16th, Prairie Studio in Northside will host the “Treasures of Northside,” the fourth in a series of conversations about our neighborhoods here in the Queen City.

The first one was held in Westwood last spring, followed by Madisonville and Oakley.  I’ve also heard of plans to host “Treasures” conversations in Clifton, Deer Park, Pleasant Ridge and Kennedy Heights. 

Basically, these are nights held in the neighborhood where three to five people step up and tell the stories of their passions.  We’ve heard from artists, football coaches, social activists, and knitters.  They’ve had Cincinnati names like the Ronckers, Rosenthals and Aglamesis present, but most of the people telling their stories are ordinary people doing extraordinary things by following their passions. 

This is part of the movement to shine a light on people’s strengths…to highlight what’s wonderful instead of what’s wrong.  It doesn’t sugarcoat the problems we face in our city, though.  In fact, many of the presenters have been people who have confronted poverty, exclusion, division and crime in their neighborhoods in creative and compelling ways.

If you have the time, head down to Prairie tomorrow night and check it out.  You won’t regret it!

And perhaps I need to get a “Treasures of Bellevue” going.  Who would tell the stories in your neighborhood?