Sr. Helen’s prayer

Tonight I got to see Sr. Helen Prejean at St. Susanna Church in Mason.  (I was told by Fr. Bob Farrell that a video will be on their website here soon!)

The evening was an incredible gift and left me with a lot to think about.  Afterward, I was talking to some friends I ran into.  As most of my conversations go, we talked way too long, and before we knew it, it was getting late.  I wanted to buy copies of Sr. Prejean’s book, which she was signing, and ended up being the last one in line.  As I approached the table where she sat, I could hear her asking everyone else to tell her their story. 

I started getting nervous:  “What on Earth am I going to talk to Sr. Prejean about?…I should thank her for her work and passion…I could tell her about Starfire and the life and spirit that fills the hearts of everyone there…Should I ask her for some wisdom or advice on staying strong in the face of fears and insecurities?”  I was searching and I finally decided that I would ask her to pray for my friend Andrew, who has had a rough time of late, and the people in his life that are helping make it easier. 

When I got to the table, she said “So you’re the last of the Mohicans, huh?”  I said “Yes, Sister.  How are you holding up?”  She said “Oh, I’m fine.  This gives you life, doing this kind of work.”  I agreed with her and she continued:  “You know, I was in Denver a few years back and there were a couple of big guys like you at the end of the line.  I noticed that they were talking and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.  When they got to the table, I said to them ‘I’ve had my eye on you guys for a while now.  What’s your deal?  Are you best friends, used car salesmen?  Why are you so friendly?’  One of the men said ‘Well, Sister.  My son killed his son.’  They were fathers from the tragedy at Columbine.”

I was speechless.  I looked at her and saw tears well up in her eyes and felt them coming to mine.   She held my hand and I said “Amen.”

katie bachmeyer