Write Me, I’m Yours, Monthly Writing Circle (White Oak)


For the past 4 years, Michelle has been meeting with a group of writers at a local coffee shop.

The project began in 2013 when Michelle decided she wanted to 

engage writers across the city by setting out journals at local coffee shops and inviting people to contribute. She got other writers to sign on to the idea, and they called the project “Write Me, I’m Yours” which is now also the name of their monthly writing group. 

“I like the people, the high energy. People in this group are easy-going and  great. In the—‘nonjudgmental’—great.”

Michelle Dunford,
Write Me, I’m Yours

“Michelle is the glue that keeps the group together. Michelle is the core and things don’t feel right when she’s not there. There is no difference in how we conduct the circle. We don’t censor or adjust the agenda. She’s an integral part of the group.”

–Eva Lewandowski,
Write Me, I’m Yours