Katie Bachmeyer


Researcher Storyteller

Katie is visual storyteller and has completed over 100 docu-style shorts for Starfire since 2011. She is passionate about illuminating the voices of people who get overlooked in popular media content. Currently, Katie is working on developing a Learning Network at Starfire to create content for Starfire’s growing community of other like-minded people interested in building inclusion in their community. She is responsible for all aspects of qualitative and quantitative storytelling at Starfire and is the lead in all communication strategies including the Annual Report, social media, video, website and newsletter content as well as program outcome and database management. 

Katie studied Anthropology and Video Production at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, and is a 2010 Fulbright Scholar.  Published works include: "Organizational transformation to integrated employment and community life engagement" Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (2016), Wellness and Social Connection: Seeking Impact through Outcome Measurement: Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Data Forum (2015) Business as Unusual,13-minute documentary. Premiered: Reel Abilities Film Festival (2015). A body of her video work chronicling the journey of Starfire can be found at: www.youtube.com/starfirecincy