Family Leadership 

Join families at the center of a connected community

Starfire works alongside families to deepen relationships, existing resources, and ordinary citizens to address the desire for true inclusion in their community. Each family receives a small budget for the year to free up their resources to implement their community inclusion learning initiative. Our hope with families is to bring their child's gifts into the community by building relationships through collaborative, strengths-based projects and reduce feelings of social isolation. Here’s a story of one family who is involved at Starfire through their own community leadership work.

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Activate the artistic, leadership, and talents of children with developmental disabilities and their families in partnership with citizens who share same talents, interests and skills through monthly mentorship.

Increased community participation for children with developmental disabilities experiencing social exclusion and social isolation as a result of the family's work to explore and activate community. 

Build resilience in families with children with developmental disabilities by granting a small budget along with monthly mentorship toward implementing a community-driven project.

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Explore with other families what a community project is, and how you might how one in your neighborhood. Hear stories and reflections from other families who have made this work in their communities. Join other families who are thinking differently about how they show up in community and find deeper connections with the people and places in their local neighborhood. Learn how to discover, activate, and freely share your families’ gifts -- and begin a journey leading down a path to more belonging.