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Your Donation Supports People with Developmental Disabilities Building Community

We know the difference between 30 minutes spent at home on the couch, or 30 minutes in conversation with a neighbor. Our work is all about relationships. Every hour we spend supporting people with disabilities is tailored to build that person’s social network in a thoughtful and sustainable way. Our goal is to partner with every person with disabilities we serve to help them build a good life, one that is filled with relationships, opportunities to belong, and meaningful ways to contribute. And it’s all done in the community.

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Our Programs

Community Building Program

Your support leads to a person with disabilities getting connected to roles and relationships and deepens and sustains those community connections over the long haul. On average people beginning our program have only 1 or 2 close community friendships. Starfire supports people with developmental disabilities experiencing loneliness by connecting them to people and passions in their local area. Starfire supports 75+ adults with developmental disabilities (DD) in a direct, 1:1 model for an average of 156 hours per person annually to connect each person socially through valued roles. Our Community Building program is supported in part through Medicaid waiver dollars, grants, and private donations.


Customized Competitive Employment

Starfire works one-on-one with people with disabilities to secure competitive community employment tailored to match their strengths and the employer’s needs. Our Customized Competitive Employment program is supported in part through the State of Ohio, grants, and private donations.


Family Directed Community Inclusion Initiative

Give year-long mentorship from Starfire and help launch a family project. Our Family Directed program is supported solely through grants and private donations.




Foundations, Special Events & Individual Contributions $714,000
Community Building $455,000
Building $116,000
Endowment Income $73,000

Total Income $1,358,000



Community Building $1,120,000
Management $100,000
Development & Events $116,000
Building $40,000

Total Expenses $1,346,000
Net Income $12,000

* The financial information included is preliminary and unaudited and subject to revision upon completion of our annual audit.