L. Danyetta Najoli


Lead Community Builder

L. Danyetta Najoli, Lead Community Builder has over 18 years of training and development experience in the intellectual/developmental disabilities community. She works with people to showcase their talents, explore their interests, develop their passions, and maximize their strengths.  After exiting the corporate America as an officer of a global bank, which included training corporate and municipality clients, Danyetta continued to utilize her professional training and development skills. Danyetta trains and facilitates learning around Starfire’s organizational design and process by offering coaching and consulting to Starfire members, staff, and families. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Fisk University (HBCU) and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Danyetta has extensive training in leadership and coaching from Achieve Global (Formerly Zenger-Miller Frontline Leadership), Harvard Business School and The Graduate School of Coaching.

Through her work with Invest in Neighborhoods, she has helped develop an “ideal community council” which inclusive to neighborhood citizens from all walks of life.  She trained two major human services organizations alongside Tim Vogt who learned Starfire’s design over a ten-week period, for their own implementation. Danyetta has trained and facilitated learning since 2000 and welcomes the learning process. She has also been integral in leading the conversation around racial reconciliation in Cincinnati with her work with the Crossroads Community Church. She has presented to “Future is Now” of Hamilton County DD Services, keynote speaker of Community Matters, and to United Way of Greater Cincinnati, all in partnership alongside a person with a developmental disability. She enjoys traveling, writing, singing, and spending time with her husband, Herman, and two children, Jumba and Diane. 

Community Building Program 

To learn more about the Community Builder Program please contact Danyetta@starfirecouncil.org