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The Unconference at Starfire 2018

The Unconference at Starfire 2018

Whether you are a person with developmental disabilities looking to make new connections, or a person interested in supporting someone, we are interested in hearing from you. Starfire supports 75+ adults with developmental disabilities in a direct, 1:1 model to connect each person socially through valued roles. Starfire supports people with developmental disabilities experiencing loneliness by connecting them to people and passions in their local area. 

Weekly one-on-one support toward community integration 

• 100% community-based experiences based on interests of person 

• Social network building 

• Meaningful community participation 

• Role attainment through volunteering, community projects, and employment 

• Strength-driven activities

Our goal is to develop connections and social roles through weekly support that leads to a more robust social network for the people we serve.

Kachelle’s Story

Here’s a story about one woman who is building community in her neighborhood of lower price hill.

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