What's a conference when it's not a conference?

…It’s an un-conference! Don’t forget to come next week and be part of the 3Day, Starfire’s 3rd annual “un-conference” – where YOU and everyone else set the agenda together. The first night is the kick-off, starting with dinner — followed by us creating the schedule together by filling in one big blank canvas, like this one:


…What the next two days of the conference will look like is unknown! Well, not entirely unknown. We DO know there will be dinner each night, and lots of people from around the city sharing their gifts and passions. The rest depends on you taking the chance to be part of the most unique 3Days you’ll have in Cincinnati all year!

Check out our website for more:



Oh, and Listen to an archive of our interview on 91.7 WVXU – you’ll hear Tim, Leah and Megan give a complete rundown of the ideas behind the 3Day, a few logistics, and a sneak peak at some of the presenters we know will be there.


Starfire’s free “un”-conference helps connect people and battle isolation 



Imagine if Carl Lindner never tried an ice cream cone. That intriguing thought is put forth by Starfire, a local organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities, as it invites people to its third-annual Starfire 3-Day “”un””-conference. The free event starts off August 26 with a blank schedule, which is filled by guests offering classes and presentations on a variety of topics. Joining us to discuss the Starfire 3-Day, how it brings people together and helps fight the social isolation many people feel these days, are Starfire Executive Director Tim Vogt; Marketing and Events Director Leah Addison; and Board Member Megan Selnick

katie bachmeyer