“Community…that’s what it’s all about!”

Heather recently posted to Starfire’s Facebook wall this wonderful reflection about community after attending a Learning Lab in Price Hill and recognizing a neighbor at a local grocery store.

Learning Labs are monthly meet-ups to learn from local citizens. Always FREE and always open to the public!  They’ve been designed for you to learn something of interest to you, or just to meet your neighbors.  Thanks Heather for sharing your neighbor-run in story with us.  We like hearing good stuff going on in Cincinnati!

“Community! that’s what it’s all about!”

If you’ve attending a Learning Lab in Price Hill, Silverton, Northside or the newly formed Bellevue, what has been your experience?  What do you want to learn in the next couple of months?  Who do you know that would make an excellent teacher in your community?

Interested in starting a Learning Lab in your neighborhood?
Drop a line to Candice@starfirecouncil.org

Candice Jones Peelman