3-day “un”-conference! — Cincinnati, August 26-28th

Imagine if the Big Red Machine had minus one player because Pete Rose never joined little league. Or if Carl Lindner never tried an ice cream cone, can you imagine a Cincinnati summer without black raspberry chip? How about if Doris Day never let herself sing to the radio, ever imagined what we’d be missing without this voice?

We’ve got a lot to be passionate about as Cincinnatians. That’s why each year we like to host our 3-day “un”-conference, where people from all over the city come together to exchange ideas and share their passions. The three days kick off with a blank schedule that gets filled in by guests who offer classes and presentations on a variety of topics.

This year we’ll be hosting the 3-day on August 26th, 27th, and 28th. Last year over 250 people attended, and topics included screen printing, gardening, how-to build a social network around a family member with a disability, and a crash-course on mindfulness. We’re looking forward to seeing you this year and hearing what YOU’RE passionate about.

Questions? Contact Leah at leah@starfirecouncil.org

Free dinner every night… come and go as you please… kids welcome

katie bachmeyer