The numbers... part one: Fidelity

I’m not opposed to success. I just think we should accept it only if it is a byproduct of our fidelity. If our primary concern is results, we will choose to work only with those who give us good ones. -Fr. Greg Boyle

Stories are what most represent our fidelity to people. Without the stories, like the onesTim shared in this post, there is no truth to the numbers. Our work is not a success, without sincere, binding devotion to each person’s uniqueness. The percentages are not compelling, unless the probability of relationships growing in every person’s life are greater.

Below is a fancy infograph of our last 6 months of outcomes as an organization.

Try to imagine the numbers in a new way. Imagine that these numbers can breathe. Imagine they have a smile, a shoulder to lean on, a twinkle in their eye enticing you. Imagine they are as familiar to read as your best friend, as honest as your grandmother, as unique as the snowflake. Sit down with them, heat up a pot of tea, and wait for the numbers to speak to you. Then, listen. Listen as 92 times an infinite number of stories unfold. Stop counting, and see the relationships, the respect, the contributions binding communities together.

All dressed up in their Sunday’s best, they sure do look sharp – especially since they live in an amalgamation of Excel spreadsheets and the too many manila folders on my desk, but remember the true beauty lies behind our fidelity to the stories those graphs and pie charts hold.

Take a look:

katie bachmeyer