See what you CAN do!

Tonight we celebrate the kick-off event to this year’s Collaboration Capstone Projects. Everyone has been working their behinds off to turn an idea, a passion, a poem or play into a spoken word showcase, a dinner accompanied by Shakespeare, a lunchtime dance party…a fellowship. All of the hard work is paying off.

Before I get into the dates and details, I thought I’d pingback at Tim, for his reflection on last year’s Capstone Projects and John O’Brien’s Five Valued Experiences.  Reading again John’s words from his 1989 article “What’s Worth Working For?,” this paragraph stands out when I look at the work we are striving to make happen here at Starfire:

Developing high quality human services for people with severe disabilities demands active engagement in complex, emotionally charged, ambiguous situations. It calls for reallocation of service resourcesworking outside traditional boundaries, and renegotiation of the service’s position in community life. This essential work calls for the motivation arising from a vision of inclusive community, the boundaries set by a clear and realistic sense of organizational purpose, and the focus offered by well defined service accomplishmentsIt requires effective leadership from service workers, people with disabilities, and their families and friends if all those concerned are to face the difficult problems of creating high quality services and to make progress toward resolving them.

We’re pretty proud to invite you along for the journey, and attend one of the events below as a step on the way to a more “desirable future,” as John calls it.  Come and see for yourself what we think is worth working for:

Wed. May 15threnaissance dinner and Shakespeare performance with dinner provided by Chefs Lauren Froh and Theresa Flaherty, and play acted by Cincy Shakes.

“It will be a really unique Wednesday night, with a menu that will not be repeated anywhere else in the city,” said Theresa.

Lauren’s committee meeting to plan their Collaboration Project: dinner and Shakespeare

Thurs. May 16th: showcase of spoken word poetry, “Voices of Cincinnati” at Elementz downtown. Held by Vonceil Brown, Jori Cotton, and the Public Allies of Cincinnati. Along with free entrance to the event, food will be offered free to the public.

“I hope people will be moved by the poetry, maybe make a new friend, be inspired,” said Jori Cotton of Elementz.

Jori Cotton and Vonceil at Elementz Urban Art Center for Open Mic night

Fri-Sat. May 17th-18th: fundraising for Kilgour school in Mount Lookout with a 5k Run and Carnival.  Joe Brumm, Kilgour alum, will be there signing up other fellow alumni to host a reunion.

Joe, Peter, and John Brumm at Happy Hour for Joe’s Kilgour Alumni group

Sun. May 19th:  Joe Wenning and Courtney Kirby will be volunteering at Heritage Village for their Civil War Weekend (come check it out, they’ll be in full costume!) in preparation for his June 22nd reenactment of the lives of settlers in Cincinnati at Pioneer Cemetery (see below).

Buffalo Bill Cody and Anne Oakley

Fri. May 24th – Fellowship through Fashion Potluck – a celebration for everyone Ashley has met this year- people who love hair, fashion, make-up – and general strutting of their stuff!  Like-minded fashion lovers are also invited!

May 31st ReMARCable Movie Group Launches their website – for movie lovers who enjoy discussing the film after at dinner. This is a great way for new people to meet fellow movie goers, the public is encouraged to attend!


Come to the party!

June TBA – Lunch Beat Cincinnati  –  Ditch your desk and water cooler chat! Instead, hit the dance floor and dance off some of that breakfast sandwich you ate on the way to work. Brought to you by Mikel Patterson and his high-energy committee, don’t  miss the beat!

Mikel and Lunch Beat Cincinnati

Wed. June 5th – Brew Review hosted by Michael Makin and his committee of brew-enthusiasts- in collaboration with MadTree Brewery and Fifty West Brewing Company. Tickets are on sale now! $30: 

One of the growlers made for the special event, to be filled with MadTree brew, and held at 50 West

Sat. June 8th – Matt Cavanaugh and his committee are making plans to add a mediation area and educational signs along the Mt. Airy Trail.

Conservationists gathering at Mt. Airy with Matt

Sun. June 9th – The Princess Ball hosted by Sheila Brewster and her committee. A magical gala for fathers and young daughters to help raise awareness and funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Kids activities will be set up and everyone is encouraged to wear their best princess and prince get-ups! More details to follow!

Sun. June 9th- Storytelling Potluck  A storytelling potluck is a gathering where each person brings a dish that invokes a story, held by Stephanie Lammeier and her committee of Anderson neighbors!

Tue. June 11th – Write me, I’m Yours potluck at WordPlay will feature readings from Cincinnati’s public journal installations hosted by coffee shops around the city. Founded by writers Michelle Dunford and Eva Lewandowski, who hoped the journals would bring writers and artists together.

Write Me, I’m Yours journal installation at Corner BLOC Coffee

Sat. June 15th – Children’s Health and Wellness Festival at Upper Milcrest Park on Mills Avenue in Norwood, a park being restored by Sara Boyd and her committee to help bring more kid-friendly places to go in Norwood.

Sara with Dexter and Chelsea

Sat. June 22nd – Columbia Settlement: 1788 Revisited Joe and his committee will be reenacting the lives of the first settlers of Cincinnati, telling the stories of Lt. Benjamin Stites and others. There will also be demonstrations of different activities that took place in the late 1700’s.

Sat. June 29th – Passport to India – The second in this series, Tiffany Holmes and her committee take you on a trip to India without leaving Cincinnati!

Sat. July 13th – Sayler Park 5k Fun and Run – Melissa Doerflein, partnering with Sayler Park Rec along with her neighbors, friends, and family have created the very first party following the 18th annual 5K race! Join the neighborhood for music by Young Heirlooms, local eateries, games, and more! 

Fri. Aug. 9th- Cincinnati Local Music Showcase at the Northside Tavern – Thomas Herrington and Crystal Summers, in partnership with Cincy Underground and Play It Forward, will be featuring all of the local bands and musicians playing this night on a CD to purchase at the show!

Ongoing projects:

Cincinnati Kindness Movement

Cincinnati Naturalist Society

Eastside Photo Club

Herbal Teas and Products

Soul Ninja Comics

I have a standing ovation for every single person – that’s you families, staff, members, ordinary citizens, each and everyone of you – who have stepped up, turned off the tube, set down your screens, knuckled under and started to WORK.

Bravo!!! Bravoo!!!!!

There are more dates pending, so make sure you add our calendar to your phone, pocket, or bookmarks:  Starfire Community Calendar

Don’t miss next year, you can be a part of this new story.  Find out how, get in touch with us here.

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