Who We've Met

Here is a guest post from a three seniors who talked about people they’ve met so far while working towards building a capstone committee.  Thanks Kyle, Joe, and Ashley for sharing your thoughts about the people you’ve gotten to know.

Kyle writes:
Justin is a cool person because he likes magazines and comics, trading cards.   He is a great person and I make eye contact with him.  I want to teach him some moves. I want him to follow his dreams and have a great life.  He likes Black Panther, Giant Man, Captain America, Thor and Batman, Black Widow.  We talked about super heroes and super hero movies.

Cal is all heart.  He likes superheroes, too.  The comic expo is a large event with lots of comics, Marvel and DC.  He is a fun guy, we talked about a new comic book that was about Jackie Chan Adventures. We both like fighting ninjas.

I was doing all these moves and met Robert.  Robert taught me more blocks, punches and kicks and special moves.  I like taking his classes to learn moves and stunts.  I would love to be a stunt man in the movies.  Robert likes Batman and Superman.

Dan is a great guy. He knows everything about himself and makes friends with the spirit in his heart.  Spirit and soul, he knows a lot about me. We drank some coffee and pop.

Joe Wenning narrated:
Chris Miller helped me practice and perform my Steamboat Joe, historical character.  We met at the Freedom Center to practice.  Chris knows a lot of history and gave me facts to learn more about my character.  We met at a restaurant.  Chris’ character is roustabout Henry.  He walks around the steamboat entrance at the Freedom Center.  Performing with Roustabout Henry was exciting and wonderful.  I look forward to performing with him again.

Joe shows off his catalogue of connections!

Ashley wrote:
I met Joan at the Blue Ash Recreation center.  She is a  coordinator and works in an office she does manager things.  We have things in common and like to do paper work, projects and researching for activities.  She also does some creative stuff.

I do photography with Jess and take some photos at Ault park and looked at the flowers and took pictures of them.

As you can tell, these are small seeds towards building something bigger.  People meeting each other and starting to get to know one another because they have some things in common.  I can’t wait to see what grows from these connections.

Candice Jones Peelman