The Path Built with Creative Connections

“It’s all about the ability to find outlets that you can use creatively… We have to emphasize people becoming connectors in their community. “



Written by guest contributor Diana Lynn Mairose, Starfire Board Member


I have been involved with Starfire for 12 years. Since I first started in 2000 as a member, we have doubled the space and the staff, and the creativity behind what we do. I see Starfire as leaders in innovation.

As a Board Member at Starfire, my role is to represent everyone who contributes their time, efforts, energy, and creativity to such a great organization. I see how much energy and resources we need so we can further our mission and what we believe in.  It is different to see other perspectives, and keep in mind our future and how it will benefit members.  I represent every member.  It can be challenging because sometimes it takes rewording things, sometimes unexpected things happen, but we all have to think it out.  We all have a voice. Being on the Board for Starfire, I have become a better thinker, it has taught me to think more because it impacts so many people.

Starfire is on a path to building more inclusive communities, and it’s a great mission. It’s so much stronger than it ever has been.  The biggest hurdle I think we have is to teach others our mission- at first how they see it might be different than how we see it.  Different in how they take part, their lifestyles, their environment.  Just like my definition of community may be different from someone else’s, everyone can take part, just in different ways. Logistics like transportation, where people live, people’s lifestyles- it’s just going to look different for each person. Some people might have to take more steps to understand.

It’s definitely possible.  It’s all about the ability to find outlets that you can use creatively. People can begin by taking the time to listen, to find out what people’s dreams are.  It might not happen on day one or day five, but you have to get to know people.  We have to teach people to think outside the box, try new things. We have to emphasize people becoming connectors in their community.

katie bachmeyer