Dear Friends...

Every year Starfire sends letters to our friends and community to jump start our end of the year fundraising campaign. Our supporters draft personal letters to send out to their networks as well. Below is a letter written by Neal Schear, a board member who has been with Starfire for 8 years. Stripped of jargon, in plain words, Neal speaks to what so many of us in the day to day have difficulty describing…

Dear friends,

I’ve been very lucky in my life to have friends like you that make  being alive a great experience.  Sure, I gripe and groan about the problems I experience but I’m human.  The reality is that with good friends and a supportive wife and family, things work out.  Life ends up pretty good.

I’ve been on the Board of Trustees of Starfire for the past eight years as their Vice President of Finance.  It’s been an inspiring experience because I’ve learned about myself and the importance of the support of people around me.  I’ve come to realize that I’ve taken for granted that I have friends and that my family is healthy.

Starfire works with adults with disabilities young and old, and their families.  Our goal is to help change their lives by improving their social experience.  After all, we all want the same thing… Better friends.

This year we are starting a new project.  The goal is to create connections between people with disabilities and people without disabilities.  Instead of just entertaining people, we want to engage them, to find common interests among our members and the community.  The goal is to help create new friendships (connections).

We will need your help and your money.  So I’m reaching out.  Your past support has truly been appreciated.

I have no idea what the outcome of this project will be.  I just know it’s needed, and needed now.

 Thank you for your friendship (and support),

     Neal E. Schear, CPA

katie bachmeyer