Work: Story Series 04 re-cap

Our most recent Story Series about "Work" set out to answer the question:

"What does it look like when people with disabilities are connected to meaningful employment- in the community?"

We broke out the question into a series of 6 parts, addressing the various aspects of work throughout.

In part one, we drew from the experiences and design skills of Christopher, Starfire's employment coordinator, who set the tone by breaking down the overall vision we have around employment for people with disabilities:

"Everyone blows their first job. You got to learn. Its okay. What do you do? Do you never work again? No. lets get another job and regroup and like go at it again now that we learned something. We're going to be able to design a better role next time."   - Christopher Kubik

In the next part of the series, Jack took us into a day at his job at J&N, where he works in a large warehouse alongside people like Phil. This story is one about building relationships with co-workers as much as it is about matching the right skill sets to the employer's needs.

We took a pause in part 3, to remember why it is so important to design individually around every person with disabilities and support them in finding places in the community for work. When talking about employment, it's important we don't forget the potential pitfalls of devaluation and abuse that can happen when we create isolated, segregated pockets of people with disabilities.

Next, in part 4 we provided a link to our short and sweet e-book "6 Proven Steps to Finding a Job"  - that was downloaded over 100 times in 2 weeks! We hope this was a useful glimpse at the behind-the-scenes at Starfire, and informed ways you might do similar work wherever you may be.

We wanted to make sure that this guide was practical, and that we could back it with some of the stories we've seen as well. That's why in part 5  we broke down how Jenny was successful at finding a job that fit her goals, using some of the same steps from our ebook.

Finally, we wanted to address any questions people had around this topic, and so we gathered around a table to discuss more of the nuances of employment. For part 6, we went LIVE on Facebook, and held an open conversation on the topic for anyone to join.

Now we'd love to know what questions you still have, what came up for you during this series, and what might be useful for next time. Get in touch and let us know! 

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