Inclusive Culture ²

When you work at Starfire, everyday is another opportunity to build connections. And the more passionate people we know, the stronger our efforts tobuild the culture of inclusion across Cincinnati.(Inclusion...squared!) Desirae Hosley, from the amazing non-profit WordPlay connected with us recently. We chatted about how important it is that everyone's voice is heard.


"A lot of times teens’ voices get over-shadowed, or they get told not to say too much, but they have stories inside of them. They just want someone to hear them out.I try to help them find a way to let their story be known, while still being creative.

WordPlay is partnering with Starfire this October at our big event *StoryFest* along with the other local non-profits: Cincy StoriesBespoken LiveCreative Mornings/Cincinnati.

"StoryFest is a show of community building. It’s about giving these teens the chance to pull their story out of themselves – alongside other courageous storytellers from all over the city. The teens will be at the event holding a word they will have written on a poster board. The audience will have the chance to engage with them by asking them a question, so it will be like a “story exchange” that happens right before your eyes. These kids are freestylers, so they like to come up with thoughts on the spot, and I’m excited to see what they do.  This is the first time they will be sharing their stories in this way, I think it will be captivating, they will add a “spark" to the show." Learn more info using the hashtag #storyfestcincy2017 and RSVP for the free event here:

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