Event Sponsorship


Story-based Learning

Starfire’s BYOB(reakfast) is a story-based learning experience for professionals invested in the emerging future of inclusion and disability.

Studies show that what families and people with disabilities still need from services are ways to build long-term friendships and a sense of belonging in their communities in addition to basic care needs. This event brings seekers, learners, and partners curious about and dedicated to the vision of disability inclusion to build momentum around the growing conversation in agencies and among families to shift the way work in the disability field is being done.

Event Details

Every second Wednesday of the month from 830am-10am, Starfire hosts live storytellers who are advancing the mission of inclusion in their work, personal lives, or families. The stories are centered on awakenings and ah-ha moments in the storyteller’s life that helped them see their role in building inclusion more clearly. The storytellers include people with disabilities, direct support professionals, disability agency employees, as well as families of people with disabilities.

The event is a monthly space to reenergize professionals and families through real life examples of people with disabilities finding authentic relationships, purpose, and meaningful opportunities in the community.

Starfire’s BYOB(reakfast) creates a space for information, insight, and inspiration. It is a necessity. The storytelling format fits so well because no one has to couch their ideas in bureaucratic terms, but through actual experience. People are able to come to a better understanding of one of the central questions involved in this line of work: why are we doing what we’re doing, and how can change to make things better?
— Keith Banner, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Tamie’s story

Tamie is the CEO of Creative Connections and has experience working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in many capacities, including Homemaker Personal Care (HPC), Employment Services, Assistant Manager of Group Homes, Support Manager of Supported Living apartments, and Quality Assurance Coordinator. She shared her story about working with Raymond Thundersky, an artist with developmental disabilities, while being his personal care assistant. Thundersky went on to become a well-respected artist in Cincinnati, and one of Tamie’s greatest teachers in the disability field.

Raymond taught me how to do my job better. It’s not about sitting at home. It’s about building trust and trying new things. It’s about being yourself.
— Tamie

Sponsoring one event costs $1,000 and provides resources to support storytellers in preparing their message, event materials, and staff management costs. $3,000 quarterly or $12,000 annually.